I am a 35 year-old father and English teacher working at a mixed comprehensive on the West Sussex coast. In my opinion, the classroom can be an amazingly complex place, yet the solutions are sometimes more simple than they seem. If you enjoy my blog my first book, Making Every Lesson Count, co-written with my colleague Shaun Allison, will be published in September 2015. The book looks at six pedagogical principles and the strategies that make them come alive in the classroom, combining robust evidence with the practical wisdom of effective teachers. Follow me on Twitter at @atharby. Views are my own.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andy,

    I loved your two posts about the gallery style of peer editing. I want to include it in my repertoire (I teach 8th Science and a grad course on behavior management). I was wondering if you had the graphic organizer of the helpful, kind, and specific on a document that you would be willing to share with me (and others) so that I can give it to my students as guides (of course, I would want your name as the creator on the document to give you the credit you deserve).

  2. Hi Andy. It’s great to come across your blog and find out about your book. Brilliant stuff! You were my mentor at Durrington, although I opted out of the PGCE and went into ELT instead. I learnt a lot from you about the importance of storytelling, and about believing in my own abilities – I’ve a lot of respect for you! Glad to hear you’re still brewing beer.
    I have an ELT related blog, I’d love any feedback on it (www.eltplanning.com). Cheers!

  3. Hi Andy
    Just received my copy of your book. Will be sharing the six principles on our first Inset day this Sept then focussing further CPD session son each principle. Would it be possible please for you to share the PowerPoint you used in your training session at Durrington?

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